Thanksgiving Hazards for Your Dog or Cat

Thanksgiving Hazards for Your Dog or Cat

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it! Make sure your pet stays safe, because this holiday brings with it a few common hazards to be aware of. Learn more below from an Upper Arlington, OH veterinarian.

Dangerous Foods
There’s no shortage of potentially harmful foods for pets on your Thanksgiving dinner table. The list includes onions, garlic, chives, scallions, shallots, fatty foods, grapes and raisins, salty items, caffeinated foods and beverages, chocolate, and candy. Keep pets out of the kitchen when preparing your holiday meal, and don’t let guests slip your pet any harmful foods under the table.

It’s tempting to give your pet a turkey, ham, or chicken bone this holiday as a special treat. This isn’t recommended—bones, both raw and cooked varieties, can splinter and chunk apart dangerously when your pet chews them, creating a choking hazard and presenting the risk of lacerations to your pet’s mouth or stomach. Offer your pet a regular chew toy instead to give your pet something to munch on safely.

Alcoholic Beverages
Did you know that pets respond to alcohol in exactly the way that we do? The difference is that even small amounts can cause serious bouts of poisoning. If your holiday celebration will include adult beverages, make sure that you don’t leave drinks unattended where a mischievous pet could sneak a snip. The results could be disastrous!

The Garbage
Your holiday garbage bag is one of the primary dangers this Thanksgiving. It might contain toxic foods, coffee grounds, fat-covered aluminum foil, bones, and more. A pet can easily rip open a flimsy bag to get at the contents inside! To be safe, put your garbage bag inside of a closed, hard container or in another room entirely where pets don’t have access.

With guests coming and going from your home this holiday, it may be easier than normal for a pet to escape out of a frequently-opening door. Use special caution when guests are arriving and departing, and make sure that your pet is outfitted with a microchip, ID tags on the collar, or both at the same time. This way, your pet will be properly identified even if an unexpected escape occurs.

Would you like more information on keeping your pet safe this holiday? We’re always here to help! Contact your Upper Arlington, OH veterinary clinic for more great safety tips for cats and dogs.