Bunnyproofing 101

Bunnyproofing 101

Have you recently adopted a bunny? Congratulations! Rabbits can make wonderful animal companions. However, it’s important to realize that they have some very specific needs. Caring for a bunny is very different from caring for a dog or cat! For instance, bunnies need to chew quite a bit to keep their teeth healthy. Therefore, making sure your pet has plenty of appropriate chew toys is very important. Rabbits aren’t particularly discriminating about what they nibble on, so in order to protect both your pet and your belongings, you’ll also need to do some bunnyproofing. An Upper Arlington, OH vet offers some helpful tips on bunnyproofing in this article.

Plastic bags, wrappers, and ties are all very dangerous for bunnies. Keep these things in a secure place, where your pet can’t reach them.

Wires and cords pose serious hazards to your adorable pet. Bunnies can be seriously hurt if they chew a live wire, or pull a lamp down onto themselves! Drape cords are also an issue. Use protective coverings and/or taste deterrents to keep your cute pet away from wires and cords.

Toxic Items
Many common household items are poisonous to our furry friends. Keep medicine, automotive products, paint, cleaning agents, and other chemicals in a secure cabinet. Toxic plants and even candy dishes can also be dangerous to rabbits.

Furniture Legs and Baseboards
Baseboards and wooden furniture legs are both the perfect height and texture for your furry friend to nibble on. You can find protective coverings for them online and in stores.

Personal Items
Personal belongings, like shoes, purses, cell phones, books, and wallets, are all fair game to a frisky bunny. Keep these things well out of reach of those little paws! Remember to keep closet doors closed as well.

Carpet can make a tempting target for bunnies! Put mats or area rugs down in your pet’s play zone to protect your carpet.

Bunnies like to get underneath beds and sofas, and nibble on the upholstery. Block off openings behind and beneath furniture and cabinets.

Small/Sharp Objects
Keep anything small and/or sharp, such as craft kit pieces, jewelry, beads, buttons, coins, and even pencils, out of your bunny’s reach.

Do you have questions about bunnyproofing or rabbit care? Do you need to make an appointment for your bunny? Contact us! As your Upper Arlington, OH animal clinic, we’re here to help!