8 Cute Ways to Pamper Your Cat on National Cat Day

8 Cute Ways to Pamper Your Cat on National Cat Day

Did you know that October 29th is National Cat Day? Cats are truly wonderful animal companions, and they deserve to be celebrated and pampered. If you want to show your kitty some extra TLC on her special day, read on! In this article, an Upper Arlington, OH vet offers some great suggestions for pampering your feline pal.

Kitty DVDS
As you may have noticed, our feline friends love watching birds and squirrels. Pick Fluffy up some DVDs for cats, or stream some for her to watch. Some kitties really like watching TV!

Robotic Mice
While classic catnip mice will always be popular with our feline friends, if you want to offer your kitty something a little different, consider getting her a robotic mouse. These cute playthings will respond to your pet’s movements, providing her with both entertainment and mental stimulation.

Did you know that you can download game apps just for Fluffy to play on your phone or tablet? Let your kitty try her paw at catching digital mice or fish.

Catnip Bubbles
Does your kitty like catnip? If she’s like most of our feline patients, the answer to that question is yes. Fluffy’s favorite plant now comes in bubble form. Needless to say, watching a frisky feline playing with catnip bubbles is completely adorable!

A few new toys will definitely brighten your kitty’s day. Of course, be sure to take time to play with your furry buddy. This will be great for both of you!

While Fluffy can manage to make herself comfortable on our beds, chairs, and sofas, she’ll really appreciate having something that she doesn’t have to share. Getting your cute pet some cat furniture is a great way to get her little motor going.

While catnip bubbles are certainly a great choice, you can offer Fluffy a small catnip plant. You can also get your feline friend a small container of cat grass.

Window Seat
One great way to make sure that your kitty always has something to do is to offer her a comfy window seat. Just add a smooth board or plank to your windowsill, and put a birdfeeder up where she can see it. Instant purr!

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